Here in The Skincare Clinic, we look at our patients holistically and customise your treatment regime according to our principles of
Revitalise • Regulate • Restore
We will recommend a Full Face Rejuvenation approach, tailored to your needs.


Enrich your skin with oxygen for plump, smoother skin.

When faced with daily environmental stress, your skin becomes fragile and vulnerable. Compromised skin is not receptive to the benefits of skincare products.

The first step of your OxyGeneoTM Pure Facial is to deeply cleanse and purify your skin. On contact with the Geneo Primer Gel, the Geneo OxyPod transforms into a generous, enveloping foam. This step infuses oxygen into your skin. Your complexion breathes anew and retrieves its radiance. It deeply cleanses and purifies your skin. It frees it from impurities, such as pollutants, dust and excess sebum, while removing traces of makeup.

Your skin is then recharged with essential elements provided by the Geneo Serum via an Ultrasonic Facial, infusing active ingredients to maximize its effect. Our skilled aestheticians round off your pampering session with a relaxing facial massage and soothing Hydra+ Mask to lock in all the nutrients.

You will leave with skin that is moisturised and plumped. Signs of fatigue will be diminished and the complexion looks rested. Skin is smooth and fresh with a radiant glow!

Instant tightening effect with firming action, TriPollar® Lift delivers.

TriPollar® is an FDA-approved technology to tighten loose skin and restore elasticity and firmness to your skin. The focused TriPollar® Lift − due to its high density − enables the use of low energy, thereby providing immediate and long-lasting results. The deep heating encourages the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in tighter and smoother skin.

Your treatment is complete with an infusion of stem cell proteins in Calecim® and an uplifting Facial Massage by our skilled aestheticians. Calecim® delivers triple efficacy: an instant hydrating effect, intense smoothing and firming action, and fortifying action to protect your skin.

Your features look firmer and face contours appear redefined. Our treatments are simple, non-invasive, painless and convenient ‘walk-in, walk-out’ procedures that do not interrupt your daily routine.

Welcome nourished and plump skin.

MPen Super Serum Infusion is a non-invasive transdermal serum delivery system. Thousands of microscopic channels form in your skin’s epidermis. It’s through these channels that serums are delivered, allowing a significantly higher absorption rate of up to 97% for these serums. MPen works by enhancing your skin’s ability to absorb serums that are beneficial for your skin.

Our treatment also triggers your skin’s natural regenerative processes—it boosts collagen and elastin production, which plumps the upper layers of the skin for an intense replenishing effect and reinforce your skin’s defenses. The microcirculation in your skin is enhanced, increasing its smoothness and hydration.

Round off your treatment with a pampering Calecim® Mask, specially formulated for use immediately after procedures, to aid healing and stimulate collagen production.

Your skin looks healthy and bright, intensely hydrated, plump and refreshed.

Restore your crowning glory with Meso Hair Restoration, a clinically-proven treatment for hair loss.

First, your scalp is thoroughly cleansed to allow potent essence to stimulate the follicles. Next, micro-channels in your scalp are created to allow the power-packed nutrients to penetrate. This treatment also brings blood flow and nutrients to the scalp and induces new stem cells that support hair growth.

Our aesthetician infuses a Hair Regrowth Serum, which is a mixture of potent antioxidants, peptides, and other nutrients to stimulate hair growth during the session. Of note is the Calecim® Professional Serum, an ingredient that boosts your scalp’s health and allows it to be more resilient to both internal and external stressors.

Low-level Laser Therapy is a clinically-proven treatment for hair growth. The laser energy is absorbed by hair follicles and skin, causing increased blood circulation to the area and promotes hair growth.

This treatment reverses thinning hair, restores your hair’s natural growth cycle and promotes fuller, denser hair growth.

Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) with HEALITE II is a skin surface treatment system that uses light delivered through light-emitting diodes (LED) to deliver pure light in precise wavelengths for the treatment of acne, dermatitis, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), rosacea, skin rejuvenation, muscle aches and pain and hair loss.

It is a complementary treatment to enhance the effects of your aesthetics and eczema treatments.


Activate your rosy glow and keep it. Our Signature LaserFacial creates a healthy luminosity that lasts.

To help you achieve long-lasting radiance, two unique laser machines, the Glow Laser and the Gold Toning Laser, are applied. This combines the power of five unique wavelengths to intensively brighten and even your skin tone, and treat any pigmentation on your skin.

Complete your treatment with our Calecim® Professional Facial, which utilises only the best ingredients for your skin. Bursting with regenerating and nourishing active ingredients, the intensive healing properties of stem cell proteins in Calecim® allows your skin to be nourished and plumped.

Your complexion never looked so bright!

Allow your skin to shine. Our Glow Laser protocol restores your skin’s fresh radiant glow.

The unique 577nm wavelength of the Glow Laser is applied to your skin, which evens out your skin tone, removes blotchy redness and fine veins, and lightens superficial pigmentation such as age spots and freckles.

A rejuvenating Ultrasonic Facial that infuses your skin with the potent active ingredients, medical-grade Vitamin C, Vitamin E and peptides, delivers immediate, clinically-proven and long-lasting results to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The illuminating power of the Glow Laser, combined with the regenerative power of Vitamin C in one treatment.

Vital factors to encourage cell renewal essential to beautiful skin are produced. Your skin is regenerated and recovers its radiance. Your face glows.

Protect and reinforce your skin’s self-defense system.

The Gold Toning laser is gentle yet effective, and utilises four different wavelengths to produce a myriad of results.

Targeting deep pigmentation within your skin layers, the Pigment Protocol removes stubborn and extensive pigmentation, such as melasma, age spots and freckles.

The Revital Protocol effectively stimulates collagen production to shrink pores and smoothen your skin.

Acne Protocol effectively controls oil production from the oil glands, reducing the risk of pimples forming and drying pimples much faster. Skin is cleaner and less oily. Pimples are controlled and their marks fade.

Round off your treatment with our Calecim® Professional Facial. United with intense healing by the stem cell proteins in Calecim®, it enhances your skin’s luminosity and hydration, leaving a protective film on your skin that prevents water evaporation.

Welcome revitalised, restored and protected skin that appears smoother, stronger and more radiant, day after day.

Help to your skin’s volume and vitality.

This gentle therapy is suitable for minimising enlarged pores, smoothening skin texture, reducing fine lines, and improving acne scars. MPen Resurfacing Therapy is a minimally invasive technique that creates thousands of micro-channels in your skin, to allow substances to penetrate effectively and stimulate collagen production.

Calecim® Professional Serum, which contains the highest concentration of stem cell-derived growth factors and proteins, is used to increase collagen synthesis in your dermis and promote epidermal renewal. To enhance your treatment, a second Targeted Serum customised to your skin concerns is infused.

Round off your treatment with a pampering Calecim® Mask, specially formulated for use immediately after procedures, to aid healing and stimulate collagen production.

Restore your eye beauty.

This ablative treatment with little downtime is applied to the entire region in your eye contour, including your upper eyelids, lower eyelids, and temple regions. This treatment also stimulates microcirculation to target the colour and formation of dark circles.

Day after day, your eye contour is smoother and firmer. The appearance of dark circles and puffiness is diminished. After a few sessions, your eyelids appear lifted, wrinkles and expression lines are softened and the eye contour looks smoothed.

For post-laser care, we also provide a bottle of Calecim® Professional Serum, packed with the highest concentration of stem cell proteins, which promote your skin’s natural restoring process.

Significantly tighten the loose and ageing skin of your eyes.

Gift your skin a “new skin” effect.

This ablative treatment allows your skin to regenerate with little downtime. Laser skin resurfacing targets the outer layer of your skin while simultaneously heating the lower layers in the dermis. This will promote collagen production which produces new skin that is smoother in texture and firmer to the touch.

It delivers triple efficacy: an intense smoothing and firming action, improvement of skin texture, and regenerative action targeting factors that contribute to photoageing.

Wrinkles appear smoothed and skin quality is enhanced. Your complexion breathes anew and retrieves its radiance. Achieving visible results after one session, this treatment minimises your pores and reduces acne scars. It can also eliminate oil seeds, milia, warts and skintags, to promote smoother and more flawless skin.

For post-laser care, we also provide a bottle of Calecim® Professional Serum, packed with the highest concentration of stem cell proteins, which promote your skin’s natural restoring process.

Intensely nourish and hydrate your skin.

Teosyal Redensity I is a patented combination of naturally-existing components, including hyaluronic acid and an effective whitening ingredient, glutathione. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, this treatment bestows your skin with benefits from the inside out, at a level that cannot be reached by any skincare regime.

Welcome skin that is comfortable, hydrated and supple. Texture is refined and fine lines are visibly reduced. Now perfectly able to reflect light, your skin blooms with radiance.

A course of three sessions monthly and a booster session within six months is recommended.

Intensely hydrate and strengthen your skin’s barrier.

A revolutionary Skinbooster, Profhilo® is an injectable moisturiser to counteract skin laxity and restore skin firmness. Containing one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market, Profhilo® not only boosts and hydrates the skin but also remodels ageing and sagging tissue for an intense plumping effect.

This treatment helps your skin to restore and maintain optimal moisture levels. Continuously hydrated round-the-clock and perfectly protected, your skin is infused with moisture. Smooth and replenished, it is glowing with youth.

Common treatment areas are on the face and neck, but it can also be used on the décolletage, hands, arms and knees. A course of two sessions, one month apart, and a booster session six months later is recommended.

Prevent premature wrinkles.

On the market for close to three decades, Botox® is a widely-used treatment to relax your muscles to soften the look of dynamic wrinkles in your face or neck region.

When you frown, smile or furrow your brow, your facial muscles contract and crease the skin over and over. As your skin ages and loses elasticity, this creasing can leave permanent lines.

Injecting ultra-targeted, micro-injections of small amounts of Botox® into muscles temporarily relaxes them, softening their movement and preventing wrinkles from forming.

Preventive Botox® typically requires less product and fewer treatments than a typical Botox® treatment. You will be able to retain your natural facial movements where the injection was administered, but you won’t be able to furrow your brows so hard that it causes lines to form.

Start seeing effects in two days, and experience the full effects in two weeks.


Restore your V-shaped face, solve your double chin woes and obtain a youthful jawline definition.

High-intensity focused ultrasound technology has the power to reactivate your skin’s cellular dynamic – a fundamental action to tighten and consolidate the canvas of your skin.

Fat is melted over your lower face, allowing for a reduction of your jowls. Collagen and elastin are also deposited to tighten your skin. Skin is denser and more toned. Your contours are firmed and redefined.

Dr Lynette Lee performs your procedure meticulously, ensuring that all layers of your skin are thoroughly treated, helping you to achieve visible results.

After your treatment, our skilled therapists follow up with a relaxing Calecim® Uplift Massage.

Restore your youthful contour.

Injectable fillers volumise by instantly filling areas of the face that appear deflated and droopy due to the natural ageing process.

Fillers improve the 3D contour of your face. They can also be used to confer structural changes and improve overall facial harmony. Fillers help to sculpt and contour your cheeks, jawline, chin, nose, forehead and other areas.

Our doctor will recommend a variety of fillers to meet your aesthetics needs and achieve long-lasting and natural-looking results.