Your Skincare Team

Dr Lynette Lee, Medical Director

Having had three years of working experience in KK Hospital’s Dermatology department, Dr Lynette Lee is well-versed in the treatment of common skin conditions such as eczema, hyperpigmentation and acne. Since starting her career in Aesthetics Medicine in 2014, she has used a myriad of machines and injectables to treat different skin conditions. She specialises in the Full Face Rejuvenation, which is a complementary blend of treatments over a six-month period, tailored to each individual patient.

Noel Leong, Chief Aesthetician

Our Chief Aesthetician, Noel Leong, has more than three decades of experience in the Beauty and Aesthetics field. Known for her skilled hands and painless extractions, Noel is a responsible and dedicated lady, always striving to do her best for patients. Being astute in aesthetics treatments, combined with her passion for perfection, Noel delivers an unparalleled experience for her patients, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction without compromising the treatments’ efficacy.